Customer service that can't be beat

  • 95% instant pass-rate for healthy individuals

    A Vest PLHCP reviews every form that does not pass instantly.

  • Pre-fill the tough stuff

    Administrators can pre-fill difficult questions like respirator type.

  • Expanded paper forms available

    When you don't have internet access.

VEST MED is your Best Choice!

Respirator Protection is one of the top 10 most cited OSHA violations. Our product is specifically designed to make compliance effortless, at a price our competitors can't beat. Plus, going paperless with Vest ensures that medical document storage is instantly HIPAA and OSHA compliant. Don't be left behind faxing and waiting for your clearances. Let us show you how simple this process can be.

Board-Certified Evaluation

Respirator Clearance forms must be evaluated by a physician or licensed healthcare provider (PLHCP) who is capable of independently practicing medicine. Our clearance program was designed by our President and Medical Director to think as an extension of himself. We accomplish this by asking detailed questions based upon individual responses. As a result, our customers receive physician-level evaluation of every form.

Developed by a board-certified physician

  • Our Medical Director has 20+ years of experience in emergency and occupational care.
  • Consistent evaluations

    The Vest algorithm ensures all forms receive the same physician-caliber review.

  • Phone interviews with a Vest PLHCP

    Only when necessary, Vest performs phone interviews to gain further information on health issues.

  • HIPAA and OSHA compliant storage

    Our medical evaluations are stored in full compliance with government regulations.

Online, In The Field

The logistics of getting employees cleared for work can be a nightmare. Our customers depend on our product to make their jobs run smoothly. Don't let your competition beat you to the punch. Eliminate the hassle by switching to Vest's online system. Our account managers are standing by to assist you.

Multi-user friendly

  • Enter hundreds of forms simultaneously without breaking a sweat.
  • Eliminate entry errors

    Our web-based system does not allow submission of incomplete forms.

  • Location-proof

    Even the most remote locations receive industry-leading evaluation.