We are proud to announce that we can  fit test every type of Respirator!

Disposable N-95                Half-Face                  PAPR

Full-Face                           Gas Masks                 SCBA

BFT offers complete respiratory protection compliance, including both Quantitative and Qualitative respirator fit testing. Quantitative testing is recommended because of its ability to give an actual respirator "fit factor" and has a greater sensitivity in detecting leaks. OSHA regulations require quantitative testing on all Full-Face Respirators.

We utilize the OHD Quantifit and TSI Portacount Pro+ Quantitative Respiratory methods when performing quantitative fit testing at our customers' sites. These computerized device represent the latest advance in fit testing technology. The OHD Quantifit operates on the principle of "Controlled Negative Pressure" (CNP) to directly measure respirator air leakage. The TSI Portacount takes a measurement of particles as an indirect measure of respirator fit. Because of the advanced technology, our fit testers are more reliable and faster than any other qualitative (e.g., smoke tubes and banana oil).

Why choose us for your Fit Testing Needs

  • We go to your employees on the jobsite or your office so they are off the job as short as time possible. Saving you MONEY!
  • Before our Trainers leave you will be left with all the necessary paperwork to be compliant with OSHA Regulations. Each employee will also be left with a laminated wallet size card to keep on them while on the job.
  • Our quantitative fit test methods are faster than any other qualitative methods. This means less time and more fit tests per day.
  • Not only is our fit test method faster, but it is also more accurate. Accuracy is regularly calibrated to a traceable NIST standard.  Competitive fit testing devices cannot measure up to the same level of accuracy, period.
  • Fit testing is done in the wearer's own mask rather than a sample mock-up worn by everyone else. This eliminates hygiene concerns and ensures better acceptance by your workers.
  • Our technology gives you a direct measurement of respirator leakage quickly and accurately regardless of conditions in the test location.  Sampling biases related to aerosol concentrations, such as lung deposition and streamlining, are completely irrelevant, giving a greater degree of confidence in the fit test results from BFT.

Best Fit Test is #1 in Respiratory Protection!